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This is Melbourne Independent, a source of information about Melbourne's independent communities, everything from the music and venues to the zines and street press. If its alternative, independent, DIY or any other genre seperate from mainstream society, it'll be here.

We are a source of information organised into a directory to easily find what your looking for. If you need to find someone who'll print posters and do the leg work sticking them up for your event, they're here. If you need to find a filmmaker who wants you to display they're video at your exhibition, they're here. If your saying, "hey! I'm not here!" then what are you waiting for?

If you want to know anything about Melbourne's independent communities, like the name of the street artist that does those toy truck stickers, or what other warehouses let people throw parties in them, just search for it and find out! If it doesn't exist yet, you can create it! We don't profess to know everything, you know stuff that we don't know, yes you! So tell us, write about it, create an article and share your local knowledge.

Check out WikiSCUM for an example of what we're trying to achieve!

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16th of May/Melbourne Independent wiki created!
We've just had our request to create a wiki about Melbourne's independent communities granted by Wikia! We're looking for anyone who has specific local knowledge to help us with this daunting task, we're aiming to include every last bit of information about these communities (zines, music, art, film, etc)

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